10.27.14 (9:50 pm)   [edit]




sbobet wap media reveals Napoli will offer to buy the Mario Monte Carlo I cropped the Liverpool striker to strengthen during January. Expect the team's manager Rafael Benitez is ready to apply 10 million pounds for the "Reds" to let players out.

         Napoli's top clubs competing in Serie A Serie Italy is ready to open dialogue with English Premier League giants Liverpool on buying Mario Monte Carlo striker moves. During the second round of the football transfer market this month by the exposing of the Metro in the media as well.

         "Super Mario" which recently moved from the "Black Devil" AC Milan to play in Anfield when only three months before. I happened to have difficulty in playing for "The Red House" by the Nets unable to penetrate the league's elite competition for Liverpool in this season at all.

         Although Alabama will not form at Liverpool, but he is still a good football player in the league macaroni. For this reason, it has been reported that Juventus are ready to kick off negotiations to buy the former Star "The Blues" Manchester City and "Python Inter Milan team.

         There has been speculation that Rafael Benitez, coach of the Spanish of "Azteca Division" prepared to offer 10 million pounds (about 550 million baht) for Liverpool to consider in emissions. Monte Carlo Rally to play against Napoli in January.

10.03.14 (1:31 am)   [edit]




sbobet asia Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo a Real Madrid confirmed seeing all the fans Manchester United do more to appeal to return to the "Red Devils" during La Liga game last week. I hovered around the 10'm cheering for the "Red Devils" to me, but this time I also had great fun with a football in the capital Bull.

         Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo wing Components of the Real Madrid club giants of La Liga Spanish against the visible signs of the fans of Manchester United on a plane with media messages to. pleas to move back in with the "red Devils" of the bush around the league game, the "King of Clay" attack to defeat Villarreal 2-0 Real Madrid airport El Gallo on. Saturday 27th September at the latest.

          Portugal's national soccer team through the "Castel del Monte instead of sports," the daily sports books of Italy. After being asked A sheet labeled "Back home we Ronaldo," or, "I'll look it up I do not see that plane. Because it passed back and forth 10 times to be seen. "

          "I always say I have family in Manchester, however, I am still happy at Madrid. I'm happy to be loved by fans because it means United. I left good memories there, "Ronaldo added.

09.19.14 (12:55 am)   [edit]



sbobet wap  Brendan Rodgers said the Liverpool revealed their team does not need a special formula to win the league championship. With a new football team pulled together this summer are adjusting well to life in Anfield.

Brendan Rodgers' Northern Ireland team manager of English Premier League giants Liverpool, said: "Reds" do not need anything special in order to win the top league's elite this season. With the new football moved to adapt to life at Anfield career in it.

        After the results are incredible and almost win the league when the season. The conclusion can only ranked second only to the season, Liverpool have done very rarely consistent. Then when they lost two matches by playing just four games in the league only.

        Rodgers suggested that opinion. "We are always looking for different ways to grab the victory. There's no magic formula, anything We just have to work consistently at the rehearsal. Years ago I had been asked. - We have a goal to shoot - and certainly not the last we scored 101 goals. "

"We need to pull a new team, many players this summer. I have played in the Champions League, then it would take some time to adapt. But I'm pleased with the adaptability of each footballer. I pulled into the Bangkok. We have some players who are adjusting to the move to other countries, "Rodgers stated.

09.15.14 (2:31 am)   [edit]



sbobet agent Radamel Falcao spearheading the red of Manchester United argues wanted to play for the team as a myth. With disclosure Deny the other team to come away with the "Red Devils", although the team did not play any European cup this season.

         Radamel Falcao striker of Manchester United top of the Premier League club said they wanted to stay with the team for more than the loan. And became a legend of the game "Red Devils".

         Falcao move from Ar Monaco came to Manchester United, with one season on loan at the "Red Devils" have options to break. The Colombian striker said. They would follow the former top football league championship 20 times the city's Sir Bobby Charlton, George Best, etc. to the legendary team.

         Shin, 28, revealed on Sky Sports, the sports media elite. In the first game at Manchester United beat Queens Park Rangers 4-0 on Sunday 14 September, "I will fight to play for Manchester United for many years. I want to succeed here. I want to be a legend of this club. "

         Former footballer FC Porto and Atletico Madrid added that he wanted to stay with Manchester United so far he rejected the terms of the other teams have to play the Champions League this season ever. "I rejected the club's Champions League for the club. I was very excited I work for will not come to a club like this all the time. "

08.22.13 (12:52 am)   [edit]

Sandy R. Wenger Arsenal boss Paul holds a great team around. After attacked. French Nerva Bahn session 3-0 in the Champions League playoff first leg of the handsome midfielder Aaron Ramsey believes "Big Gun" to reorient the group brochure.


        sbo R. Sandy Wenger reveals Arsenal manager Paul giants of the English Premier League club said, praising his teammates that. Do the job well. After the battle, "fucking guns" show a strong attack to defeat the French Nerva Bahn session. Club in the Super League Turkish war game 3-0 UEFA Champions League playoff round first leg on Wednesday, 21 August ago.
        Arsenal's Premier League season kicks off in a disappointing 2013-14. Misses after beating Aston Villa 1-3 at Calgary on Saturday August 17, despite the game, they came back strong and had three goals from Kieran Gibb's 51 minutes, Aaron Ramsey. 54 minutes and Olivier Fournier Shia Rudolph (shootout), 77 minutes held an enormous advantage before the second leg game to kick off the nest Emirates Stadium on Tuesday 27th August.
        "It is a great form too. The atmosphere in the stadium was glowing. We dominated the game. And later met with despair in the end game on Sunday past. At this time we are in a strong position, it is very important to have a good result back out to "Wayne said with sbobet .
        Ramsey, the game's first goal to do that this time Arsenal have a very high cholesterol. Then to get into the Champions League group stages, "We start in the Premier League games are not as good, but we came back in the night. We were heavily criticized. But we can still go further. And now I have more confidence with us in a very comfortable situation for the second leg game ".

08.20.13 (3:13 am)   [edit]

Scott Parker Spurs midfielder Epidhmwkla veteran rocker fell Fulham completed a three-year agreement referred to triumphant end. And fired to try to help the team to continue to progress the players and Martin Parker is a tractable's football team is dedicated to the inexhaustible


        Sbobet news agency reports that the tough English Premier League club Fulham and grabbed midfielder Scott Parker is a good blood from the Tottenham Hot Spurs rival clubs joined the league. No fee already. On Monday 19 August ago I signed a contract to work together for a period of three years.

        Moving to the local Craven Cottage and this is why Parker made for club play in the London club was 5 and then later to the football with Charlton Athletic, Chelsea,. West Ham United and Tottenham previously Parker has interest from Queens Park Rangers and Harry Red Nap site manager "Tiger queen" was informed that they agree with. way "Chicken Golden Spikes" is completed. But after joining Fulham hunt with a 32-year-old star player was selected to snuggle. "Magnate less" instead, because you are a good ride in the top league next.

        "I am very pleased to be moving to Fulham and I am looking forward to meet new friends. At rehearsal tomorrow (Tuesday) at Fulham as the club's premier league, and I will try to help them make progress continues throughout the next 3 years, this "engine of the new Fulham open through sbobet. link.

        Martin's on the Fulham manager was delighted with the Parker as well as a football team and dedicated himself to the end. "We are delighted that Scott's move to join our team. He is a midfielder and helped his team to an inexhaustible And a great football player with the ball and without the ball on the foot. "

        "It is very wonderful. He has seen players like playing for Fulham because he has demonstrated outstanding quality for years, both in the Premiership and playing football for England. I'm really happy. He came here. And will be training with us before the homecoming game in the first match of the season, "said Head of the Craven Cottage and identify with sbobet.

08.13.13 (3:43 am)   [edit]

Luis Suarez pioneered Wong rumored "Reds" Liverpool are silent and ask that the co force "Scourge" Uruguay are interviewed about their own future. During a trip to a warm home with a horseshoe. "Samurai Blue" Japan Wednesday.

        sbobet report Luis Suarez, the Liverpool striker. The League soccer team in England. Stark refused to answer questions about their own situation, to move away from Anfield. Previous Uruguayan national team down the field to meet Japan in a friendly game on Wednesday 14th August.
        To break into the national team in that game. Usually the stage where the players are. These interventions expressed frustration with the club concerned. However Suarez. Who are trying hard to move out of the army "Reds" will not answer any questions. About the future of their own this week.
        It will not answer the question yourself, then front to appeal to those aged 26 carat fellow troops "Scourge" and the Uruguayan Football Association. Struggle to keep quiet about the situation at this track in sbobet .
        Suarez also want to move away from Anfield this summer and Peres cardio than I hope to talk more about his commission's staff of "The Red House" at the end of this week. The last attempt to make his client had moved out of the squad.

08.07.13 (3:54 am)   [edit]

European Football Federation (UEFA) announced the final three candidates for the award of the great European football (UEFA Best Player in Europe) for the 2012-13 season on Saturday, August 6th ago. By the third one includes Lionel Messi scored genius of Barcelona, ​​Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo Wing Wong blows the doors of Real Madrid and France Milk River Bay forum. Wings of Bayern Munich.


        Sbobet on media exposure during the past month, the UEFA Football selects the top 10 candidates for the award. Before the vote, the last three as Messi, Ronaldo and Rio were Brea into the final decision. After they get the most votes are the first 3 after performing a superb season.

        Winner will be selected by a vote of journalists throughout Europe. The vote will take place at the Principality of Monaco. In this Thursday, Aug. 29, a day to have a lottery for the group stage of the UEFA Champions League 2013-14 regular season average.

        Award for Footballer of continental Europe. Was awarded to Michel Platini rigged the last UEFA gave birth to 2 years ago, and the participation of "European Sports Media" media organizations, the goal of the continent by Platini. This requires that the continent remains a magical prize to you. After the awards, "Baltimore to New York" was awarded to the player with the International Football Federation (FIFA) FIFA to become Baltimore's only one winning year in 2010.

        Anyhow, this is the third year the award was presented. Previously, Messi and Andres Iniesta are the people who have won this prestigious trophy for the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons, respectively ups Andretti news ever to sbobet.

08.05.13 (2:23 am)   [edit]

"Red Devils" Manchester United have received bad news again when R. Joseph Everton boss airs delicate "cannon" Art Arsenal confirmed it had been informed that Chase Fabre. check the engine "I throw" Barcelona is located in Kamp. Banu at least one year.



        The boyfriend carefree sbobet on Sandy R. Wenger, the French manager of Arsenal Hill. Team in the English Premier League leaders expressed confidence that Chase Fabregas's Spanish midfielder of Barcelona. Giants in the soccer world. Will remain with the club next. In the interest of Manchester United in the Premier League.
        After the game, the "big guns" defeated Galatasaray 2-1 in a battle Emirates Cup at Emirates Stadium on Sunday, posted on August 4, the consultant has confirmed the perfume. that He has been told by a former federal workforce that is Camp Nou next season coming.
        Fabregas's rumored move to the "Red Devils" However long the tracks here Subic Toyota Red Tsar. Athletic director of "bar" claimed "Red Devils" have canceled the Spanish national team players do not already.
        Wayne says, "What I know is that Fabregas's. To stay with Barcelona for the next one year at least. That is the information I have. Change it to or not, I do not know. But I have been told that "it's sbobet.

07.29.13 (2:11 am)   [edit]

Stan Collymore, the former Liverpool Lockdown pay off fans, a group that wrote the label roughly the insults Sir Alex Ferguson, legendary coach of Manchester United, and parody the tragic plane crash in the city of Munich, while ". Reds "to play a special game against Thailand at the SEA Games in Thailand on Sunday passed through the cheering sbobet groups mentioned above were on the offensive end.


        Stan Collymore, the former Liverpool striker in the English Premier League club to the forefront to blame some fans in Thailand. That holds the label does not fit in the "Black Swan" play list Compact series against Thailand SEA Games at Rajamangala Stadium. On Sunday July 28 the past.

        Cheering the black sheep of the above groups. Have held a sign that the sentence "Alex Ferguson out Kraftwerk Walking Into the great health 20 = cheating" outside the Rajamangala Stadium. Which cursed cursing Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United legend itself.

        Furthermore, this They also wrote that "Munich 58" to the end with The parody that's tragic plane crash in the city of Munich. Germany, the year 1958 has killed up to 23 people, of which the eight Manchester United players and staff of the "Red Devils" and the third one included.

        As previously mentioned the case of Colleen Morse even unbearable. Fans have come out such as compressing. Make a disgraceful end. He said the "sbobet link" such as social networks. "For a badge that I roughly I would say they are retarded. Not that they would cheer for any team. The rest of the dead never provocative play is wise. It was made clear that stupidity is Munich, Hillsboro, OR (Bill) Lee Shanks, etc. If you do not stop singing or anything about them, and what it is. You are obviously just that nasty. "


07.24.13 (4:08 am)   [edit]

Marcos Alonso at full-back Red John Fiore is pleased to have joined the team, "Purple Mahakan" I led the team to the head table. And is thrilled to be playing football with the likes of Mario Gomez, Giuseppe Rossi and Massimo Umbro Mosinee.


        Office news, sbobet reported that Marcos Alonso, a former quarterback for Bolton Wanderers in the confession on Tuesday, July 23, the past that he was glad to hear that you have moved into. team "Purple Mahakan" John Fiore to veterans of the club's top Serie A Serie Italy.

         22-year-old football player do the work of an impressive career with Bolton in battle on the Championship last season. Which was not referred to the contract with the agency at the end of this summer. By choosing to move to the club from the Italian giants with a four-year contract.

         Alonso hinted to media sbobet online that "I am delighted to have joined the team of Phil Orange Aires, and is hoping to help the team finish in the best Fiore Martin to have Player. leading many people to whom I will be able to practice and learn from them, Mario Gomez, Giuseppe Rossi and Massimo Umbro out here, which I greatly compared to Bolton. T. I received several offers for the club both English and Spanish, but I decided to use Orange's comment because they have shown their trust in me to plan the team's win, chain, chain Monte Stella "said. with sbobet.

         The Spanish full-back. Also aims to make a contribution to the real position. Despite the belief that they can learn from Manuel Pascal back left followed by the current team captain concluded that "for Pascal, he is a football player who has the expertise for many years. Which he will help me a lot. But I hope that I will have to play consistently. And I did not come here to be anybody's reserve players ".